Introducing the Handee Plate and Bowl

A Great Eating Solution

Either Outdoor and Indoor !

Great for all occasions

Doesn't matter whether you are outdoors or inside, picnics, barbecues or birthday parties, the new Handee Plate or Bowl ensures you and your guests won't have to do that crazy balancing act anymore. Lightweight, but yet sturdy, the handle fits perfectly in your hand so eating standing up or sitting down where there's no table, is a breeze. Old or young, age doesn't matter! The Handee Plate fits everyone!

  • Easy to Use

    The Handee Plate's simple, yet unique design, makes it convenient to use in any setting. Great for events or just regular day use, The Handee Plate is perfect for any occasion.

  • Who We Are

    We are a small group with varied business backgrounds: corporate marketing and operations, construction and project management, customer service and logistics/supply chain management.


The Handee Plate and Bowl

What makes it great?

Simple and fun to use

The Handee Plate and Bowl is designed for everyone! Great shape and size making it easy for anybody to use, hold, clean and store. The upward edge curve keeps your food on the plate, not in your lap.

Lightweight, but strong!

The Handee Plate and Bowl is made from strong and lightweight plastic - BPH Free! And, with a variety of colors, mix and match colors to suit your style.

Ideal for Any Situation

Use the Handee Plate or Bowl indoors or outdoors! Standing up, sitting down, walking down the street - you can use it anywhere you don't have a table or chair.

Better than regular plates!

You can use the Handee Plate or bowl without the handle just like any regular plate or bowl, but you can't use a regular plate like the Handee Plate!

Safe for the microwave and dishwasher

The Handee Plate is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher. And, it won't lose its color or fade.

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